Pan de Huevo - White
"egg bread" It's dense, rich, yeasty and not too sweet, topped with sugar.

Pan de Huevo - Chocolate
Chocolate-flavored sugar topping.
Pan de Huevo - Yellow
Vanilla-flavored sugar topping.
Cuernos de Azucar
"sugar horns" A sugar-topped croissant
a spicy little gingerbread pig
Semita de Anis
An anise flavored bun of delicate light bread
Pastel para Los Niños
Kids love it. Tender white cake topped with pink icing and festive sprinkles. Don't worry — we sell it to grown-ups, too.

Jelly Roll
You have to see it to believe it. Think of it as a fruit-filled Danish for four. It's extravagant and absolutely delicious.
Galleta de Grajella
A hefty oatmeal cookie with lots of colored sprinkles.

Reposteria de Polvo
Rich, buttery shortbread dusted with powdered sugar
Cinnamon shortbread with a sugar coating.
Galleta de Chocolate
A generous chocolate cookie with a sugar topping
Galleta de Azucar con Cereza
A larger, sugar-dusted version of above, without the pecans
Galleta de Azucar Rosa con Cereza
A big pink sugar cookie with a cherry center
Pineapple Biscuit
Another of our specialties. A scone-like concoction flavored with tender bits of dried pineapple.
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